Юридична консультація

Фінансовий консалтинг


Ground transport as a highly dangerous object presents a risk for environment, especially for people`s life and health, but at the same time quite often and easily becomes damaged itself.

Motor transport insurance protects property interests of the car owners, which are related with recovery expenses after a traffic accident, breakage or purchase of a new car after hijacking.

Motor Vehicle Insurance Against Loss and Damage:
Covers car protection against risks of accident loss and damage caused by driver, third parties or natural disasters.

The list of insurance risks usually includes:
• Traffic accident;
• Hijacking;
• Damages by third parties;
• Fire;
• Explosion;
• Natural disasters (lightning strike, storm, hurricane, downpour, hail, earthquake, landslide, flooding, animal attacks, falling trees and stones on car etc).

Compulsory civil liability insurance:
All property interests, which do not contradict Ukrainian legislation and are related with compensation by insured person for damage to the life or health of injured caused in traffic accident, are covered.

Voluntary civil liability insurance:
Is used as an addition to the compulsory liability insurance of the ground vehicle owner. By this type of insurance, insurer is covering losses on terms of the concluded agreement, which do not exceed the insurer liability limit under the compulsory liability insurance policy.

Driver and Passenger Accident Insurance:
Provides insured with help in case of death, temporary or permanent disability of driver and / or passengers of secured vehicle caused by traffic accident.

This type of insurance in compulsory for the vehicle owners when traveling to the territory of the countries participating in the international system "Green Card". According to this system, the insurance company will reimburse the expenses, related to the accident damage to a vehicle, other property, life and health of a third party

When a vehicle enters the territory of countries that are the Green Card system members, its owner is obliged to purchase a certificate of unified form (policy). Insurance coverage (liability limits) under the insurance contract "Green Card" is established in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the accident was committed.