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Krymskaya Pervaya Strakhovaya Kompaniya (kpsk), which received about 1 billion rubles for the insurance of construction of the Kerch bridge, has assets of 210 million rubles. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the statistics of the Central Bank.

Premiums for property insurance of legal entities, for 2015, which amounted to 11.7 million rubles., for the first quarter jumped to 1.06 billion sum Insured under insurance contracts other assets to legal entities in kpsk made in the first quarter of 244 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Central Bank. LLC “stroygazmontazh” (according to the register, is 100% owned by Arkady Rotenberg) concluded an agreement on insurance of construction project of the bridge at a cost of 228 billion rubles. in the kpsk, reported in April 2016, the Federal road Agency.

The representative of Agency has told “Vedomosti” that “SGM” insured risks under the terms of the contract. The insured project “, taking into account all possible risks during construction of the facility”, said the representative of the information center “Crimean bridge”. As selected by the insurer, he said.

The insurer found for bridge to work – no one wanted and could not take on such a large amount of insurance, told “Vedomosti” employee of one of the organizations of the Federal road Agency. Insurance Crimean objects now carries a greater risk to fall under sanctions, so market leaders have not undertaken this project, explain two top managers of the companies in the top 5. In addition, the “sanctions” now it is impossible risks to reinsure in the West, and to leave on own deduction of those risks is impossible, they added.

Kpsk was registered after the imposition of sanctions, in may 2014, in Simferopol two LLC, owned by Andrew Grigorenko. Most of the companies with which he was associated, eliminated. The company has nothing to do with Arkady Rotenberg and his brother Boris (both under sanctions), assured the representative of Arkady Rotenberg.

Kpsk has not yet been reinsured risks of construction, follows from the data of the Central Bank. Perhaps the contract stipulates a limit on one insured event, the newspaper said a broker involved in the placement of such projects. Another hope for a National reinsurance company (NPC), which creates a Central Bank specifically for reinsurance “risk of sanctions”, he recalled. CDD can earn in 2017, evaluated yesterday the Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir chistyukhin, if the Duma adopts a law on NPK in the spring session.