Юридична консультація

Фінансовий консалтинг

The UIBC team applies in Ukraine the innovative insurance technologies both in classical harvest multi-risk insurance and in coverage on the basis of productivity indices.

Coverage is provided for risks of poor crop or agricultural production decrease, as a result of:
•  Man made accidents (infection, explosion, fire, etc);
•  Catastrophes (earthquake, inundation, flood, etc);
•  Damage by pests (insects, animals);
•  Climatic conditions (drought, dehydration, heavy rains, hurricane, hail, etc);
•  Secondary diseases of the products for any reasons;
•  Other reasons and factors, which are not specified in the insurance contract as an exclusion from insurance events.

In addition, we have a possibility to protect our clients from exchange rate jumps, which occurred during the period of agricultural products growing.