Юридична консультація

Фінансовий консалтинг


At all times seafaring was and remains one of the most risky types of entrepreneurial activity. Seagoing vessels and cargoes transported by them are significant material values, their destruction or damage causes the owner big losses.

The UIBC team protects property interests of insured related to commercial seafaring (ship, cargo, freight, profit expected from the cargo, salary and other remunerations of the captain, other members of ship`s crew etc) in such directions:

• HULL insurance of vessels for the construction term/period;
• War and strikes risks insurance;
• Special property interests insurance;
• Additional liability insurance;
• Marine cargo insurance;
• Shipowners` liability insurance;
• Charterer’s liability insurance;
• Yacht insurance;
• Insurance for the time of sailing within a small water area;
• Voyage insurance;
• Creditors` property interests insurance;
• Ship brokers and ship agents liability insurance.