Юридична консультація

Фінансовий консалтинг

Financial and economic activity of any enterprise is connected with risks. Risks of every particular business have personal character, probability of occurrence, the maximum limit of possible damage and need a thorough management. The UIBC team provides professional advices on possibilities and mechanism of applying the different insurance forms for business, which includes:
• Risk analysis for enterprises;
• Prognostication probability of the adverse events occurrence;
• Providing recommendations on improving the risk management process;
• Development of an exclusive insurance program taking into account the enterprise activity and financial capabilities specifics.

Risk management significantly optimizes enterprise expenses on the protection against risks. On the one hand, not all risks should be covered with insurance. Sometimes it is more efficient to leave a part of risks on the enterprise own maintenance. On the other hand, not always risks, which the enterprise wishes to provide with insurance coverage, are insurable.

A separate issue in risk management is the choice of insurance company. Sometimes, the wrong choice of insurer can lead not to reduction of the risks, but to their cumulation.