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The UIBC team of specialists has many years of experience in the sphere of construction and assembly risks insurance and reinsurance. UIBC clients get the most effective integrated solutions to provide engineering risks insurance coverage of any level of complexity.

Contractors’ all risks (CAR) insurance::
One of the main and one of the most common types of engineering risks insurance. It covers insurance of all construction objects against damages caused to the construction site, buildings on the construction site and / or construction machines, as well as against claims from third parties related to the construction object.

Erection All Risks (EAR) insurance:
As well contractor’s all risks insurance, it is based on providing the insured with necessary and as comprehensive as possible insurance coverage against all risks, which arise whilst installing machines, mechanisms, erecting metal constructions.

Contractors’ plant and machinery (CPE/CPM) insurance:
Protection is provided to owners (users) of machines, mechanical equipment and installations in case of their sudden and unexpected failure because of mechanical breakdowns during operation, which is caused by accidental events.

Electronic equipment (EE) insurance:
Within the property insurance of electronic devices can be insured all electronic systems and equipments in case of their damage or destruction because of sudden and unexpected influence of external or internal factors. The insured can be both separate electronic equipment and electronic equipment, functionally connected and integrated into the systems.

Besides standard coverage insurance protection can be supplemented by additional risks, which outstep traditional insurance conditions.