Юридична консультація

Фінансовий консалтинг

Accumulated experience in the energy risks insurance and reinsurance allows the UIBC team of professionals to perform placing of the most complex risks of energy sector enterprises. Energetics of different sectors cannot be characterized by the standard work conditions. Therefore, insurance programs for the energy sector enterprises should be unique and developed for every single object individually. So, the comprehensive approach to the energy risks insurance includes the following types of insurance coverage:

Property All Risks Insurance:
Covers all risks, which are not directly excluded by the insurance policy, or “named risks”, which are only listed in the insurance policy.

Equipment breakage Insurance:
Coverage is provided for such risks as projection or equipment montage mistakes, overheating, interruptions in electricity supply, personnel errors, etc.

Business interruption Insurance:
Covers financial loss of the owner (operator), which is caused by the whole enterprise or its part downtime (as a result of events, which are insured by sections “Property All Risks Insurance” and “Equipment breakage Insurance”).

Third party liability insurance:
Is of interest for the energy sector enterprises. First of all, because of the possible extent of accident damage to third parties and surrounding areas.

The insurance program for energy enterprise can be changed by including various additions and expansions, for example, compensation of expenses on providing access to the damaged property, compensation of expenses on clearing the territory from debris, automatic protection of small repair or construction and montage projects, etc.