Юридична консультація

Фінансовий консалтинг


In all developed countries of the world there is no doubt about necessity of insurance of specific risks of banking activity. The bank must have a comprehensive banking insurance policy Bankers Blanket Bond (insurance BBB), as well as products, which additionally protect the bank and its employees.

Property insurance:
Damages to the property of the bank are covered. Insurance is provided in cases of fire, explosion, damages caused by water, burglary, looting, criminal actions of third parties, natural disasters, glass break, etc.

Insurance against crimes:
Damages to financial institutions caused by unlawful actions of personnel or third parties are covered (most of the crimes in the banking sector are related to fraudulent activities of the own bank employees, which were deliberately committed by them independently or in collusion with other persons with the purpose of causing damage to the bank or obtaining an illegal financial benefit)

Insurance against electronic and computer crimes:
Damages caused by crimes committed against banks and other financial institutions using their computer networks and electronic payment systems are covered.

Financial institutions professional liability insurance:
Damages to the bank arising out of their claims handling are covered. Such damages are related to its obligation to compensate for the damage caused to third parties by negligence, mistake or omission of its personnel, as well as to legal expenses on claims litigation.

Directors and officers liability insurance:
Covers the cost of compensation claims made against directors and officers of a company for wrongful or careless acts against third parties. Such acts are specified in the insurance policy and should be committed during the management activity. Also, it covers the damages incurred by the company (if compensation for damages incurred by managers is provided by the company itself, by law, or by the company's charter).

Personal insurance for bank staff:
Covers damages to life and health of the staff (bank employees).